The Orient-Salt Group consists of three companies. The core enterprise, Orient-Salt Chemicals Pte Ltd, was incorporated on 5 June 2015. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abundance International Ltd (listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, ticker symbol 541.SI) and its registered and paid-up capital is 12 million Singapore dollars.

Touen Japan Co, Ltd was incorporated in Tokyo, Japan on 26 October 2015, while Orient-Salt Chemicals (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd was incorporated in Shanghai, China on 21 December the same year.

Managed and operating as a combined group and working hand-in-hand, our three companies have jointly built an extensive import and export trade network, and continue to actively explore new collaborations and investments.

Our Strategy

With China as our base, the Orient- Salt Group covers the whole of Asia. We trade in essential raw materials used by chemical manufacturing plants, commodity chemicals and their derivatives. Through integrating our resources and efficient logistic organisation, by leveraging on our information network and capital strength, and coupled with strict quality control, we strive to offer our customers excellent products and service.

Relying on our large trade volume and keen observation of market trends, we constantly try to increase our product range by working closely with upstream and downstream enterprises, Adopting a flexible business model, we do enter into both longer-term contracts and spot transactions, toll manufacturing agreements, barter trade contracts and other innovative arrangements to further our business. With trading as our main business and leveraging on an increasingly expanding capital and asset base, we aim to become a one-stop-shop supplier and a competitive player in the chemical industry by:

● Integrating our domestic China trades with our international trades;

● Integrating upstream and downstream enterprises; and extending our reach globally.


Company Vision

Company Vision

With chemical trading as our core business, we aim to build other complementary manufacturing businesses in time to come. The Orient-salt Group will constantly evolve and develop to remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

"20-years reputation in Eastern-China Continued innovation in Orient-salt"